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Our Vision

To add strength to the national economy with our high quality and wide product range.

Our Mission

To make continuous development together with our team and stakeholders, who aim for operational excellence with a strong organization and strong business culture approach.

Our Values


Our Company

Cosmo Motor Oil was established in 2003 in Izmir under Cosmo Motor LLC.
Cosmo Motor Oil manufactures diesel engine oils, gasoline engine oils, motorcycle oils, industrial oils, grease, gearboxes and differential oils and automotive special products. Besides having its share in the local market the Company actively exports its brands such as Stone Lubricants, Elister Lubricants, Liman Oil to the overseas markets.


The production facilities are established on an area of 6000 m2 and consist of separate production facilities for Engine Oil and Industrial Oils, Grease Products, Antifreeze and AdBlue Products. Thanks to its laboratory that can analyze 25 different parameters and has international standards, it can produce all types of engine and grease oils that can withstand temperatures ranging from 99 degrees to 1500 degrees, and with its production line that can be filled in a wide range, it is possible to fill from 1 liter packaging to 1000L packaging in liquid oils, and from 900 gram packaging to 180 kilogram barrels in grease.
No Analiz Adı Analiz Metodları 1 Renk Tayini ASTM D 1500/TS 1713 ISO 2049
2 Yoğunluk Tayini, 15°C, g/mL ASTM D 1298/TS 1013 EN ISO 3675
3 Yoğunluk, 15°C'de, g/cm³ ASTM D 4052 / TS EN ISO 12185:2007
4 Kinematik Viskozite Tayini, 100°C, mm²/s ASTM D 445/TS 1451 EN ISO 3104
5 Kinematik Viskozite Tayini, 40°C, mm²/s ASTM D 445/TS 1451 EN ISO 3104
6 Viskozite İndeksi ASTM D 2270/TS 3096 ISO 2909
7 Parlama Noktası Tayini, Açık Kap, °C ASTM D 92/TS 123 EN 22592
8 Parlama Noktası Tayini, Kapalı Kap, °C ASTM D 93/TS 123 EN 22592
9 Akma Noktası Tayini ,°C ASTM D 97/TS 1233 ISO 3016
10 Baz Sayısı Tayini , mgKOH/g ASTM D 2896/TS 5655 ISO 3771
11 Asit Sayısı Tayini , mgKOH/g ASTM D 664/TS 2432 EN 12634
12 Bakır Korozyon Tayini ASTM D 130/TS 2741
13 pH Tayini (Antifriz) ASTM D 1287/TS 4614
14 Damlama Noktası Tayini (Gres), °C ASTM D 566/TS 1267 ISO 2176
15 Penetrasyon Tayini (Gres), mm/10 ASTM D 217/TS 1799 ISO 2137


Cosmo Motor Oil laboratory is structured to be the center of scientific research and measurements in accordance with national / international criteria with its independent identity, modern equipments and expert staff with researcher structure. Services, in accordance with the principles of laws and standards, to meet the needs and requirements of customers and in accordance with the requirements of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025–2005 standard; reliability, traceability, confidentiality and continuous improvement principles in line with the service concept is never compromised.