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Elister Oil 4T 20W-40

Elister Oil 4T 20W-40
Elister Oil 4T 20W-40

Elister Oil 4T 20W-50

This oil is a mineral lubricant based on carefully selected highly refined base oils. It is an oil developed for normal and intensively used 4-stroke engines. It is based on a mandatory formula with extreme pressure additives for transmissions. Its special formula prevents slipping of wet clutches and has excellent dispersing and cleaning action. It provides optimum protection and longer engine life.

Total engine protection : outstanding engine cleanliness and durability
Anti-wear and oxidation stability : superior protection.
Temperature stability : superior viscosity stability.

Physical and Chemical Properties


Density, at 15 °CASTM D 4052g/cm³
Kinematic Viscosity, at 40 °CASTM D 455cSt155
Kinematic Viscosity, at 100 °C
ASTM D 455cSt19.5
Viscosity IndexASTM D 2270128
Pour Point, maxASTM D 92°C
Flash Point, minASTM D 97°C240
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