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Good for your pocket, best for your car.

Cosmo Motor Oil first brand of Cosmo Motor Oil LLC was founded ten years ago in Izmir, Turkey

Cosmo focused its establishment basis and range of activities on industrial marketing needs. Under constantly changing socio-economic conditions in the world during 2014. The company not only met local demand but also helped its border neighbors and overseas countries.
Cosmo successfully received tenders regarding supply and demand in national and international markets, providing products and services for public, private and foreign companies. We were aware that companies aiming excellence in manifacturing should also excel in delivery of the products and work with proper logistic companies. Accordingly, with our meticulous and full services on commerical sales, marketing, transportation, distribution and storage, we became more recognizable day by day. Innovative products, a service-focused strategy Innovation has always been the priority for Cosmo Motor Oil, which can count on its research centres. The professionalism of our researchers and their constant efforts make it possible to design and develop cutting-edge products and solutions.
Protection of the environment The engineers of Cosmo Motor Oil design products with sustainable development in mind in order to reduce the consumption of fuel and emissions of exhaust gases and particles.

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